Old poem

Finding an idea in the Rays of truth can be daunting and beyond crazy.
Hating ones self in the minced of ones true defining moments is a wacky way to formulate the very essence of crazy!
 The top of the mountain is a lonely view of misunderstanding and utter hatred of ones self. 
I find the victory of soul is but the ability to change the journey in a blink of    

an eye.

Let us take a moment and realize this is a world of ideas that have expressed themselves beyond that which is ideal.

If you want to express your ideas cool. You push them on me.. Not cool. For I live in the matter that I believe not what you believe.

Peddle your ideas to those that have no thoughts.

 For believe me I have my own.

 Do not tell me how to live,vote, or be.

For I will find a way to live, be, and piss you off!


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