The love of a woman

I started out with an idea on how my life was going to be. I was told I would be a military man. I believe in the idea of being prepared. I was in the military for a short time. I started out E3 and left E2. The reason it was this way, was at 19 my bipolar illness broke out. Upon leaving the military I live homeless for around 2 years moving around, finding floors, couches, or sometimes sidewalks to sleep. I was also a drug addict. I finally went back to my parents and stay there for a bit. Got a job, paid off most of the mess I made, and used meth to stay sane. I didn’t know that was what I was doing at the time. At 22 I went into recovery, I have struggle in the 19 years in it. I am 6 1/2 years sober. I met my now X-Wife and we were together for over a year, until a doctor told me to get off my meds. I did, I awoke in hell. I tried to end me. I think he met taper off! My then X came me my walking papers for that. I struggle on until 2003 when I met her, my angel, my love, my soulmate. This woman met me when I was separated from my X, now this was four years later. My car was broken down getting ready to be towed off to the junk yard, I was jobless for I was put on social security disability in 2002, I was living with my parents. I was a great catch..not! Here is where it gets good she became my best friend and we move in together 6 months later, I asked her to marry me 11 months later, but we decided to wait. My illness was tearing me up. I lost a career and wife by 25, by 2012 I had been borderline agoraphobic, told by two doctors I was stupid and could finish school. I was a college dropout, I was scared to do what I always wanted to do out of fear of myself. I was 310 pounds and had nothing to lose. I just decided I had enough, my H.P. Gave me guidance through people that entered my life. I began a journey of change. My love helped me get started in martial arts, people didn’t think it was a good idea for her to do that. Well I was getting ready to test for my Cho Dan( black belt) when she told me, she didn’t think I would make through the first year, but if I did she knew I would make it. I am getting ready to test for EDan, I am a certified assistant instructor, and am getting ready to test for certified instructor. I have to be an Edan for that. I went back to school and graduated with an ATA and four certificates from a 2 year school, and got into a special program at a 4 year college where I am 23 credits from a bachelor degree. Now I got the diagnosis of add right before going back to college. It was what flipped my switch. The medication helped slowed my brain way down and I was able to focus. This is a short version of my past. This is not my story, my story is where I go from here. I am now 261 pounds and very physically healthy. Working still on the mental health. Peace

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