Vehicle of Self

The trueness of self, can be an internal battle between figuring out what is a want and what is truly a need. The difference get be the difference between what will save or destroy oneself from finding the place where the growth must be obtained. This question has been on my heart for a while. What I found and how I felt last night was a proven wave of emotions I never felt before. I have struggled to belong with in this structure for 19 years, and that feeling of belonging has never been realized, and came when I truly realized I was on the right path of walking away, not forever, just to build a place that deals with the issues I struggle with. I still need the first place, and I will still go. The issue I am dealing with just isn’t in what they understand. It is the growth of realizing, you don’t have to change something to make it right. You just need to add something else to compliment that. The vehicle you put a side, can be developed later, once you find the vehicle that can help you travel further than you have ever know. Taking a stand and and believing in more than one thing isn’t a bad thing, it just sometimes feels that way. Find your vehicle, so we all can find our paths to break down the walls the hold us back. Peace

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