Day 2 Boise

We had a late start leaving Richland but it was worth it so we could have one last moment with family. Bruce drove yesterday so I got to sit back and watch out the window. It’s all open farmlands till you get out of Pendleton Or. Then you start climbing in and out of the mountains. It took us a good four and half hours to get to Boise. Dad warned me before we left that Boise would have heavy traffic. It might have been because it was Saturday that we didn’t have much at all. 

Downtown Boise is a cross section of one way streets and pedestrian walk ways. We checked in to The Grove Hotel that is just four blocks from the capital building. The staff were helpful and friendly. The hotel was beautiful with a view overlooking the city. Once we got settled Bruce and I jumped headed out to see the city.

Just a half a block down the street we found the Basque neighborhood. It’s kind of funny to find this infusion of Latin culture in the downtown area. If we had arrived an hour early we could have visited the museum and tried the Tapas in the local market. We just settled for a walk thru as we explored.  A lock the other way we found a pedestrian area with people and bikes everywhere. Eventually we settled on a Chicago style pizza place for dinner. There a bunch of places to choose from in that small area. 

After dinner we went the last few blocks to the Boise State Capital Building. 

After a lovely evening joint we headed to bed.

Next day on to Craters of the Moon National Park.

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