Living with a mind that flows differently 

Today is a good day,I find that I was less a problem to myself than normal. I like that most people I know don’t truly read my writings, for I need to write. These people need to believe in something that isn’t true. I might despise myself most days, including today, but I believe I am here for a reason. I choose to live for another. I see myself as a bother, a problem. Some say not humble, and some say I love violence, when the only person I hurt on purpose was myself. My true feelings will not be know, because I truly believe I don’t matter. The deal is, I also believe in the idea; that doesn’t matter! For my beliefs don’t count. I see my path is to help people understand, the truth of you, isn’t what you believe, it is your actions. So my actions are those of hope. Reclaim your life, as I have mine. It isn’t easy, as most have seen the struggles I have in previous posts! It is not the struggles, it is what you do with each struggle that truly matters.

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