Define yourself 

People think they know me! My family, friends,and even myself truly doesn’t know me. My wife Miranda is the only who is the closest and she doesn’t totally know me at times! I thought I wanted my family to know me, today I am happy to say. I really and truly don’t care. I will blog my illness, which will piss off a lot of people. For I will do what I do best. I will tell the truth. I will show people the hardships of the unseen. Keep your secrets that not only hurt you, but others. I will not keep mine. It will hurt me, I know this. But more importantly it will help so many people! My life was given to helping others! My wife understands this! And so do I. Relish in the truth, and give through the pain. Life isn’t easy, nor is it cheap. The truth isn’t the way to get what you want, the truth is the way to set things right. Believe in your gifts, expand others, and breathe in the idea that one most trust in love, life and pursuit of what is right, no matter the pain you have in doing it. Peace


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