Back and the journey reunites itself 

So the journey is upon me. I am back from vacation and the work begins anew. I have 73 days till I test for E-Dan, and realizing that I have more work to do around the house. Tonight I am resigning my position from the board of directors of the Skagit affiliate of NAMI. It is a family organization and frankly it is not in my best interest to see family members of mental health clients care about their family members, but not letting the clients of family that don’t want to get involved, don’t really understand nor want to understand the problems of said clients. Basically I need a place that I can understand why no one in my family wants to get involved and support my recovery. My wife supports me greatly, but she doesn’t want to get to involved either. I am alone in going to, and working on myself. Been that way for 20 years. So I am really done hearing about their issues. It doesn’t pertain to my journey, my journey is being done alone, in the constant battle in my head. There is no help from family there. 

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