Junuk the poet returns

For life becomes not what we want.

Life becomes that which is unseen.

For the journey begins not where it seems.

The journey begins where it needs to be.

For Fortunes vary from place to place.

Fortunes vary from time to time.

And yet the journey of life is the very fortune we need.

Junuk the Poet

( Bruce Weller )

2 thoughts on “Junuk the poet returns”

  1. Januk the philosopher. I like it. You need to change very from place to place to vary as in the difference. Great writing my friend.


    1. What do you mean? It is vary. Jk thank you I changed it. I missed it. Oh and Junuk came from Januk of the book Sassnek. I changed and conform it to junuk – believing I wrote nothing but junk- I was 15 and my life was deem for me. So I thought it was best to follow and forget that side who I truly am. For I am now and always been Junuk- Bruce Jr is just my real Name. And Junuk is my personality that I had to hide to become who I was told I needed to be.


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