Here is the speech I read at my wedding. I thought I lost it. So I share it with those who read my blog. Another place to keep my I don’t lose it.

For those that did not make my wedding. And those who could understand through my tears. Here is the speech I wrote for Miranda Weller. My beloved wife- — The day I decided to take a chance, I found an angel that saved me from myself. Life for me is not easy, I find my belief in myself is almost nil. My now wife, Miranda Weller, I believe was sent to save me from myself. As I believe I was sent to do the same for her. I never cared about the failures, nor the successes in my life, for in the end it is only what you learn that matters. Though she gets mad at me for wanting to burn the certificates, and degrees, I was given, when told something negative, or when I sit and read what the doctors have said about me. I feel it is what you learn, and how you use what you learn that matters. I do not believe I am the smartest Apple on the tree, nor do I believe I deserved such as her in my life, but check this at the door, in the end I am a selfish man and will be by her side until she decides I no longer belong. The blessings in my life are many, and though I wonder why should I get so lucky, well I will just love her and spoil her, so someday I will believe I deserve her, until then I will give to those like me, for the acceptance she gave me, changed me for the better, it is when people like me have that kind of acceptance, we realize we are worth something to someone in this life. Miranda is the first person, who fully accepted me, and never flipped out, got mad, and wanted only my love, and never told me my faults, for she understood, I not only knew my faults, I used them to beat myself up constantly. She only gets upset when I tear down the man she loves, myself, which believe it our not, is something I do quite a bit. I do; so she’ll have! I breath; so she will have. I live; so she will have. I will never be a rich man financially, but when it comes to love and belief in me, she has enough for both of us. To me she can do better, but for me I doubt I could. She has seen the worst at the beginning, and has yet to leave my side, she played the bad guy to protect me. That is a quality that is a rare, as she is. I might not be much, but she is so much more, together, we become a greatness of a soul that can not be matched. Life is short and with this woman, I know I can finally get back to work, learn to believe in myself, and accomplish, that which I never thought possible. In life, one must choose to walk for another, be there for someone else, see where the world can take them. Living in the yesterdays, can never lead to the tomorrows, but living in the present is nothing but a gift that keeps on giving! Fight for your beliefs, this woman besides me, has showed me I can fight for mine. The Key to all things is acceptance of what is, for perception changes daily, thus making us a different person each day. For as long as God allows us to be one soul, I be the happiest man alive!

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