sometimes it great to be mental health Clients, we stand by our word, do you?

Into the fake,  as I dream my little dreams, I find the funniest little thing, no one is Around as I feel like my life is crumbling. Tomorrow decides if I find a way to make it though school, or they find a way to extend my visit. See I got pneumonia, no one has truly been knocking down my door to see how I am doing. Just an occasional. Glad it’s not me, and sorry hiding my life, so you can’t see your niece, type of greeting.  As I guess I would as well.  So I lost my NAMI Trip,  might have to set back my second degree martial arts test, oh and now my graduation might be set back. Yeah me. Those who prayed my life would suck, its is cool, your winning. I am a fighter, I will continue to. Hey don’t you love those people who say let’s get together, you know, the ones you truly never see again? Or how about dude let’s get a league together,  they talk, you walk. When will the world understand, I actually trust these people, and am hurt, that they talk so highly of me but act so lowly of me. I am told to not speak negatives, how’s about teaching me though not doing negatives, with manners? no, will anyone care  no. Life. Is just a group of people who cross wires and help each other. Live the best life you can. Trust a few, and believe very little. People will fail you daily. For people will say let’s hook up, maybe lucky a family member might, doubt it strongly, but might, sometimes it great to be mental health clients we stand by our word, do you?

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