Low activity

The truth of my low activity is the long wait to find out the truth of my situation. I am dealing with an unseen physical issue now. The difference is crazy whacked, if we got this kind of help with mental health, oh how less we would be despised by ourselves. I am facing a long fight of an enlarged heart. I will spend a year or two battling life with an ICD until I am put on a list for a heart transplant. I find it ironic that this is an unseen illness, just like mental health, and yet people are oh so sympathic now. I find they are both just as deadly and destructive, but one is taken as a joke and the other is taken as death warmed over. I am not dead yet, I fight each day as if it is my last, for either illness is the same to me. They are both as serious as the other, they are just as dangerous. I stop taking the meds for either, I will pay the price, the price is unacceptable to me. I will journey though this life with my gloves on and my focus on the prize. Please accept understand with two hospitalizations for CHF and -and plenty of days of depression due to all of these issues, I found myself not wanting to do what I love, which is to write and tell my story. I know this is barely read, but it is important for me to express how difficult and different each unseen illness is, especially since I have the honor or both a physical, and mental illness in my life. I have the presective of life on both sides. An unique experience of how the stigma is expanded on those who have mental health problems. I have a physical problem that might end me, but I want it know I take more meds for that, and accepted more, than I do for my mental health. I am more accepted now, and why is that? Why did I find out on my 42 birthday I will eventually be put on a heart transplant list to find acceptance for an unseen illness? I thank you who read my story. Hope to see comments to these questions. Why are we left out in the cold? What is your journey like?

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