Live through who you truly are

My life was set as a kid, I imagined retiring from the us navy- nope it was not what happened. I went to school to be an accounting clerk- nope it was not what happened. I started going to martial arts- I achieved my dream and received by black belt, and I also began to teach, I went back to school and ended up 13 credits from a bachelor’s degree- wham my heart screwed up, seems I will need a transplant in two years. This time I will fight the school that won’t let me Back in, due to becoming sick for a quarter, and I will test for my second degree black belt, I was a few weeks from testing when I found out about my heart. I have struggled through life, just to get what most people take for granted and whine about.  The truth about life is what one person complains about, is another’s dream. I desire a job, a way to help people, and support my family. I want to make life easier for my wife. I start out each month -62 dollars on what little income I do have. That is before all the medical bills piled on. Life is a way of struggle and ways to adapt to the struggles. I was two tests in martial arts, and 13 credits in school of obtaining a new way of life. The of another unseen illness devastated all that, and here we are, I am now waiting with a heart that is working at 15% for them to put me on the transplant list, and will need a heart they say in two years, and I am taking 15 different medications. More than people twice my age, for I am only 42 years old. I fight three mental health issues, and a heart issue- four unseen issues- only one accepted by most people. Where life struggles is where help should be- not where people believe it should. Mental health is an illness that is needed to be more accepted in life, but it is not, and probably won’t be in my life by most. Truth is for me it makes me stronger, it allows me to walk through this heart issue as if it was just another step in life to conquer. Remember my fellow mental health clients, we are stronger than we are given credit for. We can fight for ourselves and we can live a happy life! 

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