What is your legacy? 

My journey is wrought with Tough decisions, I will not have kids, the best legacy of them all. So what legacy will I leave? And how long will I have to create it. In two years they say I will need a heart transplant and with that I say this, what happens when you have to face a heart transplant, and three mental health issues? Nothing. You get your ass up and try to do what you always do! For truth is besides the doctors appointments. Nothing is different! My heart is working 10%, 15% with meds, but my heart still is working. So am I. Believe that. Live for the gift – the present. I am now taking 15 different meds. So what at least I can. Now next week I might be all crazy- so what. Today I am not- so bite it next week, and enjoy this week! Lol – I am still fighting the military, school, and my body to get back to martial arts- big deal! Love you all! Enjoy your night

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