Belief in self

I sit here and know that life is a battle of getting through hardships. I was just about to get off of social security when the latest battle began. It is my hardest battle, this battle is one that I truly struggle to show my positive self. Here is the crunch of the problem, I find it to be the most learning experience of my life. I might never work, people might or might not believe in me. The idea of life is the ongoing battle of focusing on your next indicated step. I am fighting to go back to school, I have lost martial arts for the time being, so I am now  settling into writing. The understanding that life with throw you curves, it is what you do with the pitch that matters. I choose to swing hard and hit it, or strike out trying to hit it. Life is not a failure if you try, life is a failure if you don’t. I have begun writing books, will they get published? Probably not. Do I care? No. This is about finding the person that will bring forth the truth of who I am, and why I am still here. I am no one special, just a guy who believes in never quitting, and never giving up on himself. I focus on my issues, I never try and break another’s trust. Integrity is not just a word to me- IT is a life choice. A way of being, a focus on the 7 P’s- prior, proper, planning, prevents, piss, poor,performance. Finding and developing a structure of creating my imagination. I create, but creation is never enough without evolving the characters of what is needed.  As in life it is all about evolving from the limits of who we are. I have more limits now due to my heart, does it stop me? No. I have been limited due to mental health, does that stop me? No. Truth is, it might slow me down, it might change my path, but in the end it will never bring me down. I choose to fight, it might mean re-evaluating what I can do, but I am never finish until I am no longer here. Belief in self, you are your best friend, or your worse enemy, the choice is yours.

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