Any lengths to be

People find it weird I am so up about this heart issue. Well how would you feel if you finally had something people didn’t blame you or your actions for? It sucks, but hey I am free of the idea- you did it to yourself, it is your fault. I have lost the guilt of not having a job, that most people have conveniently worn shirts that say best social program is a J.O.B. To my house, And others have called me lazy, and that I gave up. –People The truth is I live in constant physical pain, you only hear about the mental, because I feel it is my responsibility to ruin my life so others can have one. Ask Miranda, she knows what’s up. My queen, the only woman that truly puts up with, understands, and for some weird reason loves me. She understands and believes in what I want for others like me. People make signs, funny memes about people like me everyday. Har har har . Enjoy your laugh, I am stronger than you know. I will never get depressed about this heart thing, like I did before, I decided I had enough of the stigma, and took hold of my responsibility. Yes I will have bad days, nothing like before. I walk out of the house, even when I feel so much mental pain, anyone else couldn’t stand it. Yes my chest hurts, my arm hurts, but I am going to risk everything to try and get back to school in spring. I will finish, I will graduate, I will teach martial arts again. I will drive in pain to get this done, would you? Risk everything for school? I do and will.

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