Where must one go in life? The goals we start are not always concrete. We as a people believe in who we want to be, and yet our lives turn out completely different. Where must we go to continue on to a new path? The truth is sometimes we fall into a better life. This life might be short, it might be long, or it might be multiple lives in one. The fight of life is finding the right path to end our lives in the best way possible. If my next life happens and I get the transplant, I want to teach more then martial arts. I want to help kids not make the mistakes that took me down. My decisions that were not mine to make, as in learning to accept myself sooner! I recently discovered I am not as bad as I believed. People need to see themselves as others see them. I saw myself as a mistake. Now life has given me purpose. Where will your life take you?  

One thought on “3-10-2017”

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