The beauty of struggling through life and facing many challenges, is the discovery that you can help many people. Will life become easier? No. Will you become rich? Yes, but it won’t be money that will make you rich, it will be the feeling that you gave back. The truth we all must face in life is, is it worth it to give up, and gain more then you ever thought possible, or do we just want to gain the most toys and die a miserable life. I choose to become a servant of my life experiences. I believe my suffering and lockups for asking for help made me stronger, and it added  a bigger perception to understand the suffering of others. Never have I been to jail, but I found myself locked up in hospitals just to find the right medications to live a decent life. They made me suffer for being sick. I have learned my family history. Each side I have gained illnesses that tore me asunder, illnesses that are now seen. My heart has also become a problem, but it also became my savior, people will talk to me now. I had to become deathly sick to be noticed in life. To finally be discovered by the ones that love me, I have to face a heart transplant by 2019. I spent time homeless, agoraphobic, and broken. I now focus on what makes a man successful, and thank goodness it is different for everyone. To become successful for me used to be all about working, now becoming successful is helping others, teaching people, and trying to live out my life as best I can. I am facing a life, where I will only live, because someone will die. Trust me I think about it often. I will give it over and become whom I am meant to be.

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