Relish in the process of that onto  which made you, the person you see in the mirror each day. Understand the victories we have in life, are the ones done together as whole, not as individuals.     Place your heart in gods hand, and journey forth with the guidance place to you. The truth of life is the discovery of the fact the life will be shorter than you will ever believe. Today I find myself making out my will, and a power of attorney at 42.

     Live for others, and upon finding mistakes, fix them. The life of one isn’t meant to be that important. We are here for the entire whole. To become successful isn’t about what you gain financially, it is the process unto which you lean, discover, and help.

     It is a we that the true journey begins, where the meaning of the true life upon which there is no greater gift, to be a we. Miranda is my 28th birthday gift, a gift that so giveth daily, the ups, the downs, we met all around, swinging in a flow of us. I would not change my life, no matter the struggles.    

     Find yourself the tricks that allow you to better ones journey in the future. The idea is to never give in or up in life. Always continue to work for a higher purpose than what you want in life, you will never know if it will be cut short. 

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