3-30-2017 Ta Ta for Now

     The day I find the world I want to live in, is the day I don’t think I will be alive. I am not sure I want to live in a world, where everyone is so divided, and can’t find common ground. I feel like I will never fit in this exulted world of those who choose this or that.

     I have always wanted to be included, allowed to have my opinions, but able to agree to disagree. There is no world like that anymore. Ones freedom, seems to costs another’s theirs in the minds of all. The truth is we are all alike- we all seem to hate each other equally. I really find fault in that.

      I wish life could be different here. A place that I could feel comfortable. I will never feel comfortable around anyone, for I have found what I say or do is the wrong thing all the time. 

    My social anxiety is basically a pain in the rear end. The person I hate in public is me. I am so done with life around others, that I can’t wait till school is over to go back into hiding and wait for one of two things- either I die, or I start a new life away from the masses. People are worse type of animal, that ones that hityou with nothing more then their mouths. Strike as you must, remember I have a mouth too. 

     I am no fighter, but I can fight if needed. You shoot me, but I will say this, if it goes that far, I have faced death and am not afraid. What will any one take from me? Only what I let them. You all want fake, fine fake it is. Remember you as whole asked this of me. Find your truth, you will never know mine! 

One thought on “3-30-2017 Ta Ta for Now”

  1. I do not like how everyone is divided. I remember a time when there was civil discourse. Civil debate. I remember a time of compromise. I remember when we were all Americans. And when most of us had a voice. I always err on the side of communication. I always choose to listen and discuss even when I disagree. It does no good to demonize the other side. I hate the name calling and finger pointing. I love you, Bruce. And you can always safely express your opinion to me. You are safe with me.


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