4-20-2017 A Blip

     The journey to seek martial arts to most, seems like a path to violence, when people like me seek martial arts, it is to revoke what can lead to violence, and that is our minds. 

     The path through life will be wrought with thorns, and it will leave impressions on the soul. Where you leave the remenants of the thorns, can determine the greater scope of how you live your life. 

     The quest for truth, and understanding is sometimes a lonely one. In the end no matter the failings, if one survives because of the pain one re-lives, there is truly no better gift.

      I truly don’t know, nor do I care how many people can be helped by the embarrassment I re-live, for all I truly care about is helping people, and the worth it brings, even if only one person is helped. 

     The big picture is settled, I am a blip on the scanner, if one blip helps another, imagine the impact of the world. The ripples a rock makes, is the true art of the world. One connection can lead to millions. 

      I am not a leader, just a faithful servant of hope. You all can have the spot light, I only do what is necessary. That’s from Bruce Weller or myself. Not much of a writer, but I follow my urges in life, which shows me I have something to give back. 

2 thoughts on “4-20-2017 A Blip”

  1. deep ideas here Bruce, as always! So much of what you write leads the reader to pause and consider. And that’s a good thing!


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