Damn ICD

     Lovely day in the neighborhood ‘pop’ goes the weasel – nah just my ICD.

     I guess it is good I am not testing for my second degree black belt this weekend. I now understand why I despise being different, ‘special’, or otherwise outside the social norm. 

      See they say my ICD is going off because i have this double receptor in my heart that is in only a few people 1-10 or some shit. They are going in to burn it out or some crap. Well my ICD has led me to love to feel the blast of the electricity- NOT! 

I was suppose to test this weekend, but last week- doctor pulled my note that I could. Pissed off I am. I was schedule to test last year when this shit started! 

So —How’s your morning? 

One thought on “Damn ICD”

  1. Hi Bruce,

    Sorry I did not respond earlier. I have been trying to catch up on this homework. I got a little behind. Then I had to go to work. Right now have not passed three of my world geography tests, and missed a week of a test in History class, doing well in my Administrative management class. I applied for Staff Training coordinator at Job Corps, inline with my back ground, so we will see how that goes. Misty busy doing whatever. I got her on You Tube red so that she does not use so much data.

    Love ya



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