Hating the Carbon Copy Jr syndrome.

I am compared with other people way to much, to the extent i fully believe my own family doesn’t know me. They dont. Let me tell you not even my own head rules me. If i fear it, get beaten by it, or you like, or dont like me. NOTHING stops me from running through it.

I might project a lot. I once tried even being me, now i am. I might be like others. But no one will be told they are like me. What I am saying; now that i know i am insane, I no longer insane! 🤣😂😅🤔😎

I dont let my head rule me anymore. If people truly understood what i think- well i glad they dont. I like this statement, i might not make sense, i really do not have too.

The thing that used to ruled me, was feeling like i was a carbon copy. You are just like so and so. Now i am not. I get to remind myself of this when a person says i am like another, for a reason of assumption. The truth of life is what rules us. I am different, and no one cares what is truly the thing that destroys them the most. I look and have similarities to certain people. I AM NOT THEM.

Thats what destroyed me for years, till i realized, why would anyone care to know just a carbon copy. So i became truly COLORFUL. Thus i made a family who saw me. Thus i might opinionated, but it is truly known i have different opinions. The hurt isnt gone, how i react is. Thus the point.

The funny part of this is that those people who have spent a lifetime comparing me, are getting mad because i compare myself to the same people. Seriously i am the crazed one?

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