My last blog post

The truth of life, is the desire to be wanted. To have people happy for you, and not keep sick secrets about you.

I am tired. My world is different. I have decided to move forward in helping those who suffer from people who will never truly care about the mental health i know a lot of people suffer from.

We all have issues, blaming others is useless. We need to work out our own issues. I will never apologize for what this blog was used for. Those that i thought understood, chose their path, and i chose mine. Heart broken, but moving on. This blog has become useless to me. Education of others isn’t the answer for me anymore. I understand those who hate me, because i sometimes feel that way about myself, due to what i suffer from.

Good news i am going to get my Masters in Mental health counseling. I will help those people, who are treated like an illness because of actions that are dealt during episodes they cant control and dont even remember.

Good bye, it was educational to see how much this mattered to a few people, and didn’t matter to the people i was hoping to see me from the inside, instead of complaining about and during episodes.

This isnt something i am going to edit, it was very hard to end my writing career. I just dont think it truly matter’s anymore. I have been told i have a gift, well it is going back in the box and will never be used in this kind of forum. I have had doctor’s tell me i am stupid, and one say i only have two years to live. I have seen the bottom.

I dont need, nor do i want to go back to that ever again. Thank you all for the follows and comments, and understanding that for me writing was a way to find myself.

I have found myself, a person who will live and die fighting to help those misunderstood, due to having unseen illnesses. I have 5 – 4 mental and 1 physical (heart). To those with these illnesses- remember we are stonger together!!!!! Peace to all, and to all good bye!

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